About Our Services

We are a decision support service that offers participants in-depth, objective, personalized, and latest-breaking information and support on their diagnosis and available treatment options or need to select a doctor. The information is assembled and distributed by a physician-led research team. Our physicians are affiliated with "America's Top 5" medical schools. This approach enables participants to fully understand and evaluate their options so they can make the best decisions possible with their doctors. Moreover, we help patients avoid medical mistakes and unnecessary procedures by equipping them with customized questions to ask their doctor about their prescribed care. In addition, we ensure that a participant's values and personal preferences are incorporated into a final treatment decision.

We believe that by placing the consumer at the center of the process, and empowering them with high quality information and support, they will generate improvements in all aspects of health care delivery -- quality of care, satisfaction, productivity, and reduced costs. Growing consumer demand for more access to care, shared decisions with their providers, and more overall choice in medical decision-making already reflect the change in expectations among Americans and mark the emergence of this new health care market.

How We Help

The service we provide is unbiased, confidential and based on your needs. We do not share information with your employer or health plan.


Why Use Our Resources

Did You Know?

Only an estimated 50% of patients receive recommended preventative care.

Learn about the health care system and why our services can help you identify quality care.

How do I use your services?

You must be an employee or eligible dependent of a participating organization to use our service. Contact your HR Representative for information. If your company participates, you may register to use our services.

If you are an employer and are interested in our services, please contact us for more information.

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