Prostate Cancer

Bill was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He called us to get more information about treatment options and things to consider in choosing a surgeon and hospital. After reading this information he sought a second opinion at a leading cancer center. He decided to have the surgery there and believes he made an informed decision.

"I'm still going to the same urologist but will go to the expert for surgery." - Bill

Low Back Pain

David had low back pain. A surgeon recommended back surgery. We provided information on all of the treatment options for low back pain, including non-surgical approaches. David then sought a second opinion. The new doctor confirmed that surgery should be a last resort. He changed doctors and implemented these non-surgical approaches. His back is better without surgery.

"I got this information before I made a hasty decision to have surgery that might not have been best for me." - David


Eric was recently diagnosed with ADHD. His parents were considering a number of medications and received conflicting information on the pros and cons of each one. We provided information on all of the medications available, including their effectiveness rates and side effects. The parents chose one of the medications and it has worked well.

"The information on all of the drugs and side effects helped us make a decision based on reliable and scientific material." - Eric's Mother

Managing Menopause

Jackie was going through menopause and having difficulty with symptoms. She asked her doctor to put her on HRT to reduce these issues. We provided in-depth information on menopause, HRT, its risks and other approaches to managing the side effects. Jackie discussed this information with her doctor, implemented these other approaches and stopped taking HRT. She believes she made an informed decision.

"I'd been taking hormones and knew I wanted to get off of them but my symptoms interfered with my day-to-day life. I loved having all of the different points of view and facts in the information I received so that I could make up my own mind." - Jackie

Breast Cancer

Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer and was offered two treatment options - either lumpectomy with radiation or mastectomy. She called us to learn about breast cancer, these treatment options, their effectiveness and potential side effects. Karen learned that the effectiveness rates were similar but she wanted to take the more aggressive approach to treatment. She chose to have the mastectomy and believes she made an informed decision.

"Not only was this information helpful prior to surgery but I feel it will be a valuable resource in the weeks and years ahead as a survivor." - Karen


Ron was diagnosed with diabetes. He called us to learn more about diabetes. The information helped him understand how exercise and nutrition relate to his blood sugars. After discussing this information with his doctor, he implemented changes in his lifestyle, including more exercise and improvements in his diet. He lost forty pounds and his A1C level has dropped from 12 to 6.5. Based on these improvements his doctor has eliminated one of his diabetes medications.

"All of the information was inspirational to me. It was the right stuff and it came at the right time." - Ron
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